Slackline Sports Club Video Training is starting!

This is a free video training for beginners, which is not a competition, but a series of instructional videos.

During the video training, beginners, both children and adults, can learn to balance, walk, take different positions and even jump on the slackline. Prizes will be drawn between the participants.

Training structure:
For 10 consecutive weeks, balance exercises must be performed each week at your chosen location and a video of the performance must be made. At the beginning of each new week, the exercise will be shown HERE, and by the end of the week, a video link made by yourself must be sent to the organizers via the form.

The video training started on June 1, 2020

Registration takes place HERE. You can join the video training throughout the summer!

During the video training, many awesome prizes will be awarded from our sponsors. 

All participants under the age of 12 who complete the 1st round of Video Training will be given free admission to the X-Park Trampoline Center.  

Gibbon Jibline Treewear Set will be drawn between all the performers of the first round!

There are a total of 10 tasks, but not all of them need to be completed. You will only participate in the lottery during the weeks you submitted the video.

In the last week of the training, it is possible to perform as many missed exercises as possible, and each performance will go to the last draw as one vote.

Participation is voluntary and can be cancelled at any time - no need to participate for 10 consecutive weeks!

NB! There is a separate competition for advanced slackliners, the instructions and registration form can be found HERE