Regular training takes place in Tallinn at Ronimisministeerium and in Tartu at Akros Gymnastics Club. Soon also in Tartu Adventure Park ;)

Here on this map, you can find a slackline set up in public places in Estonia, where you can train independently and freely. 
  • check the line for cracks or other damage before hopping on the line,
  • as a rule, the lines are set up for one person,
  • do not go to a slackline found in a remote location without asking permission from the line-owner, it would not be polite or safe.
You can move the map by holding the cursor and zooming in with the "+" sign. Click on locations to see more information.
Please let us know if you notice any new slackline places. We will review it and, if allowed, add it to the map ;) 

Also, please let us know the line has been taken down in the meantime, or you see some damage on the lines or you are not sure if it is still safe. 

Email again: